AngryBots 2 Project

EmbeddedSoft will start a new project. We will make a new game based on Unity 4 AngryBots demo. Using scripts and assets from original demo we will make a real game with 9 levels, menus, GameCenters etc… First step is to extract assets we can use, then make sure we can assemble working gameplay scene with enemies from the demo. After we want to import and program additional robots from asset store since only 3 types of enemies will not do. After this point we have all require technologies for simple but fun 9 levels game. Let the party begin.

  1. Get required assets from
    original AngryBots
  2. Assemble gameplay on the
    empty scene
    1. Player
    2. Enemy robots
    3. Fix spider
    4. New enemy robots
    5. Unlocking system
    6. Door system
  3. Add ultimate joystick
  4. Implement game user interface
    (energy, time)
    1. Use Arcadian as a
      template for menus
    2. Make a nice first screen
  5. Assemble first level
  6. Make awesome setup menu with
    joystick settings