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All of our OSX APPs are updated now. I have an idea for our next OSX/iOS release but before that I should update old iOS projects. I think most of the weather apps can be consolidated into one project. That will simplify maintenance for sure. Also I am considering building server for image data so that the weather APP will access Embeddedsoft server first. This way I can control the mechanism of distributing the content and keep the archive(s) of weather data in the world.


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    EM-FPS Reply

    EM-FPS project, Where are you with that project? I downloaded it from Microsoft Store. And I could not get the guy to pick up the gun off the table. And F1 doesn’t bring up the controls either. Just thought you guys might want to know if you didn’t already. Running the game on windows 10 home.
    Thanks, Stacey

    • ranko
      ranko Reply

      Put crosshair above the item you want to collect. When crosshair becomes a hand press F to collect.
      I did check F1 as well ant it is working fine. Just make sure your keyboard is in function key mode.



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