Neon Battleground

Enter the universe of Neon Battleground. A neon lit, modern, revamped retro style, fast paced, action packed classic, online multi player shooter.

In this six player online laser shooter defend and attack with speed and accuracy against formidable opponents.

Chose from twelve different space battleship shooters each with their own strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities.

Play against the two minutes on the clock for each battle and laser blast your way to success against competitive attackers and fast invaders. End winner and champion of the galaxy and top of the score board with the most kills and the least deaths.

Win or lose, survive or perish in this ridiculously fun online multi player.

Dangerous enemies and unforgettable battles await you in each of the four different battlegrounds. Navigate the galaxy, devise tactics and develop strategies for each battleground to reign supreme and victorious.

NeonBattleground from EmbeddedSoft on Vimeo.

• ONLINE MULTI PLAYER BATTLES: Invite your friends, compete and battle against six other players from all over the world, any hour of the day or night online.

• SPACE BATTLESHIPS: Chose from twelve different neon battleships from the fast and agile Scout class to the menacing and dangerous Titan class.

• BATTLESHIP UPGRADES: Collect gold coins by destroying other players to buy faster, stronger and more powerful ships. Earn skill points earned in battle to improve the unique abilities of your battleship including health to laser blaster speed.

• BATTLESHIP BOOSTERS: Accelerate and maintain your ascent to champion and get an advantage over your enemies and opponents on each and every battleground by selecting boosters before each battle.

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